Average 8M TNC


Average 15M TNC


Average 30M TNC

PREMIERMAX®CB is a newly developed biological therapeutic derived from umbilical cord blood having too few cells for a full body transplant. The lower cell count makes the PREMIERMAX®CB product line perfect for smaller, localized treatments.

Each vial of PREMIERMAX®CB contains 1mL/1cc of a cellular and protein cocktail that has demonstrated remarkable results in early research testing.

PREMIERMAX®CB comes in 3 doses:

  • Silver (an average of 8 Million nucleated cells)
  • Gold (an average of 15 Million nucleated cells), and
  • Platinum (an average of 30 Million nucleated cells) , to allow the clinician to tailor their treatment protocol.

Manufactured under cGMP conditions in our state of the art clean room facility, PREMIERMAX®CB is tested to the highest standards for safety, quality, identity, purity, and potency.

PREMIERMAX®CB is currently distributed for research use. An IND application is currently in progress for our Platinum product. Gold and Silver to follow.

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