Why Bank?

Stem cells from newborn umbilical cord blood + cord tissue are a treasure that can potentially save your baby or family member who may need a lifesaving treatment.  Cord blood and cord tissue are only available immediately after birth. Industry research has confirmed that cord blood stem cells remain viable after 30 years of cryopreservation. Cord for Life has been successfully storing highly functional stem cells for 27 years and counting. The process to collect your newborn’s stem cells is a simple and painless part of the delivery process.


Information Guide

If you’re thinking about cord blood + cord tissue banking, our Information Guide can help you get started.  It answers questions about what cord blood and cord tissue are, what they can be used for, how cord blood + cord tissue banking works, and how to choose a cord blood + cord tissue bank.   We share expert advice on what really matters so you can make an informed decision.


Compare Banks

Trying to figure out which cord blood + cord tissue bank will give you the most stem cells, the safest transplants, and the highest product quality guarantee?   Not sure which cord blood + cord tissue bank has the best value?  Our side-by-side comparison of the top cord blood + cord tissue banks helps sort out the options.



Ready to sign-up for cord blood + cord tissue banking?   Be sure to get your Collection Kit in time to bring it with you when you go into labor.  Your OBGYN or midwife will need the kit to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to preserve your newborn’s cord blood + cord tissue.  You can enroll easily on-line or call our team of cord blood + cord tissue specialists at +1-800-869-8608.


Why Bank with Cord for Life®?

Explore how Cord for Life® gets the most out of every cord blood + cord tissue collection. We understand that the true measure of success is a healthy patient and we want to be sure we do everything possible to ensure every family gets the best results.


When developing PREMIERMAX®, we looked at four things: quality, safety, flexibility, and cost – the same things every parent should consider when choosing a cord blood + cord tissue bank.   We chose the processing method that an unbiased team of researchers concluded was the best performer over the whole range of analysis.



We operate to the highest standards in the industry.  As both a public and private cord blood + cord tissue bank, we’ve released more stem cells for transplant, clinical trials, and research than any private cord blood bank.  Knowing how important each unit is for the outcome of patients and the future of medicine, we take our obligations for quality control seriously.



We stand behind our products 100% and back our commitment with the highest Quality Guarantee in the cord blood + cord tissue banking industry. Our goal is to ensure a successful outcome for your child or other family member in need of a stem cell transplant.


Imminent Need

We believe in the power of stem cells and want to help families dealing with a loved one suffering from a life threatening illness. If you are currently pregnant and have another child or family member that has been diagnosed with a disease treatable by stem cell transplant, you may be eligible.

Syed Raheel

A Letter From Our President

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the potential of stem cells from your newborn’s umbilical cord blood.  We want to help families make the most informed decision about their stem cells banking choices.  We offer both private and public cord blood banking services to meet the needs of our clients and the general public.

At Cord for Life®, we believe in the power of stem cells.  Since our founding, we’ve been involved in over 2,200 cord blood transplants.  We’re  inspired each time by the families and medical professionals we’ve helped use cord blood stem cells to treat their loved ones.

Having been a part of such an important treatment opportunity for so many families, we feel an obligation to get the most from every stem cell collection.  We know that the ultimate measure of success is a healthy patient, and we want to be sure we do everything possible to ensure each family gets the best results.

We focus on what matters – getting as many stem cells as possible, ensuring the highest quality, and giving parents the highest level of support.

We are here to answer any questions you have and hope that you will consider Cord for Life® for your cord blood banking needs.


Syed Raheel
President, Cord for Life®


What is a 5-compartment cord blood freezer bag? Historically, cord blood was stored in a cryo-bag with only one or two chambers. Using a one chamber bag requires all of the stored product to be used at one time. A two-chamber bag typically has 80% in one section and 20% in the other section and […]

Cord for Life® ANNOUNCES CORD BLOOD CLINICAL TRIAL Phase I Trial for the Treatment of lower back pain of the Sacroiliac Joint ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL (October 29, 2021) Cord for Life®, a full-service cord blood bank with over 25 years of experience, today announced plans to conduct a clinical trial to treat lower back pain arising from the Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) using a biological therapeutic derived from umbilical cord blood.  The company has […]

The results of a Phase I study published in Stem Cell Translational Medicine suggest that it is safe and feasible to infuse stem cells from banked umbilical cord blood into adults following an acute ischemic stroke. This research paves the way for additional studies into the efficacy of umbilical cord blood in treating stroke patients. […]


In thinking about cord blood banking, it helps to hear from parents who thought about the same questions you have.

Stacey Hensley

I have stored all five of my children’s cord blood. I love the reassurance of knowing that all five of my children have their stem cells and all five are stored together at the same facility.  My children may never need it but, their stem cells are there if they do.  It’s like having life insurance policy, we most likely will never need it, but it’s reassuring that it’s there in case we do.

The ultimate measure of our success is a healthy patient.

Download our FREE Information Guide to learn about cord blood banking, including expert insights on how to get the most stem cells from your newborn’s cord blood.

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Donate Cord Blood

By donating your newborn’s cord blood, you are joining a nationwide effort to create a genetically diverse inventory of stem cells for transplant to a child.

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Our purpose is to provide the expectant mothers with information necessary to discover the lifesaving potential of umbilical cord blood.

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4 Reasons to bank Cord Tissue with Cord for Life

  1. Advanced Extraction Method: Unlike competitors who simply cut, chop, and freeze the umbilical cord, Cord for Life utilizes an advanced extraction process to extract umbilical cord stem cells before cryopreservation. This method is designed to optimize the quality and viability of the stem cells for potential future use.
  2. Proven Track Record: Cord for Life has a proven track record of successful stem cell engraftment in medical treatments, providing peace of mind to families considering banking cord tissue.
  3. Personalized Care: Cord for Life offers personalized care and support throughout the cord tissue banking process, ensuring that families feel informed and supported every step of the way.
  4. Cutting-Edge Research and Innovation: Cord for Life is committed to advancing research and innovation in stem cell therapy, potentially unlocking new treatments and therapies for a variety of medical conditions.
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