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Donate Cord Blood

A Lifesaving Gift

Stem cells can potentially help save the life of a person in need of a transplant. By donating your newborn’s cord blood, you are joining a nationwide effort to create a genetically diverse inventory of stem cells for transplant to a child in need.

Unless you arrange to donate or privately bank your newborn’s cord blood, it will be discarded and unavailable for transplant.  We hope you will consider sharing this gift of hope with someone in need.

How it Works

Cord blood donation is a simple and painless process and worth considering, even if you decide not to store your child’s cord blood for your private use.  Cord blood stem cells are successfully and routinely being used and have been saving lives for decades.

By choosing Cord for Life® to preserve this life-saving gift, you are assured that the highest quality and quantity of stem cells are available when they are needed most – when a child needs a transplant.

Minority Donors Needed!

If you are an African American, Hispanic, Asian or mixed race, it is very important for you to publicly donate your baby’s cord blood. Why? Because patients in need of a transplant are more likely to find a match from a donor of the same ethnic background. And because statistically there are fewer units collected from ethnic minorities in the national registries, finding a match can be especially difficult.

Step 1.  Check for Eligibility

The majority of expectant mothers are eligible to donate their child’s cord blood. Regulatory standards require that the mother be 18 years of age or older and provide a complete health history after enrollment to ensure the safety of the mother, the child and the stem cell unit for unrelated transplant.

Quick Eligibility Guidelines for PUBLIC DONATION

To determine if you meet the initial eligibility requirements, here a few simple questions:

  1. Are more than 32 weeks pregnant?
  2. Have you had a tattoo within the last twelve months that was performed with reusable needles?
  3. Are you insulin dependent?
  4. Is there a history of cancer in your family, other than skin or cervical cancer?

If you answered “NO” to all of the above questions, CONGRATULATIONS!  You are initially eligible to publicly donate your child’s cord blood.

Note that if you answered “YES” to any question, you will not be eligible to publicly donate your cord blood.  However, you can still save your newborn’s cord blood with Private Cord Blood Banking.  Please contact our Client Services Department to learn more.

Step 2.  Complete and Return The Donation Enrollment Forms

To download and complete the donation enrollment forms, click here.

Step 3.  Pack the Collection Kit in your Hospital Go-Bag

This way you will have it all ready when it’s time to deliver your baby.

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Ready to sign-up for cord blood banking?

Reserve your Cord Blood Collection Kit in time to bring it with you when you go into labor.  Give your newborn every advantage with cord blood banking!

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Donate Cord Blood

By donating your newborn’s cord blood, you are joining a nationwide effort to create a genetically diverse inventory of stem cells for transplant to a child.

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Our purpose is to provide the expectant mothers with information necessary to discover the lifesaving potential of umbilical cord blood.

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