You have taken an important step in donating your child’s cord blood.  The process is simple and painless and could mean a healthy future for someone suffering from leukemia, sickle cell anemia, or blood cancer.

The next step is to complete required paperwork to determine if you meet the requirements for cord blood donation.  After you complete the forms, please mail them back to us before  your 34th week.  Note that we require original signatures and cannot accept electronic copies.

Once you are approved to donate, we will send you a collection kit to bring with you to the hospital when you go into labor.  The kit has everything your OBGYN needs to collect and ship your child’s cord blood to our facility.

Please feel free to contact one of our cord blood specialists at or call us at 1-800-869-8608 for help with your cord blood banking questions or to enroll.


Have You Considered Private Banking?

You also have the option of banking your newborn’s stem cells for your exclusive use. A 100% genetic match to your child, cord blood stem cells can also be used to treat siblings and other family members.

Explore the benefits of private cord blood banking today.  It pays to be informed – you only have one chance to make this important decision.

With private cord blood banking, you pay for collection, processing, and annual storage fees.

Because we have seen first-hand how important cord blood is to families in need, Cord for Life®  offers the highest guarantee in the industry.

Whatever you decide, we are here to help make the most of your newborn’s stem cells.


Ready to Donate Cord Blood?

By donating your newborn’s cord blood, you are joining a nationwide effort to create a genetically diverse inventory of stem cells for transplant to a child.

Donate Today

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Our purpose is to provide the expectant mothers with information necessary to discover the lifesaving potential of umbilical cord blood.

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