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We have 6 state of the art cryo-preservation storage tanks, which are capable of maintaining 40,000 umbilical cord blood stem cell units. Using liquid nitrogen vapors, these tanks are continuously monitored both visually and electronically to ensure the temperature is maintained at or below -150°C., at all times.

We have an extensive disaster recovery plan in place that includes an on-site generator to maintain electrical power and a liquid nitrogen storage tank capable of maintaining a 7-day supply to our storage units.  We are a priority facility for the local power company when it comes to power restoration.  It is important to note that the liquid nitrogen tanks themselves do not require electrical power to maintain safe storage of the cord blood units.

We have the capacity to process 24 cord blood units, simultaneously. Our facility has 450 sq. ft., designated as ISO-7 (Class 10,000) laboratory space and 120 sq. ft. ISO-6 (Class 1000) research space allowing expansion of our alternative stem cell source process development programs.


Every step from enrollment to cryopreservation of a cord blood stem cell unit is part of Cord For Life® Quality Management System. Our procedures are specifically designed to ensure that quality standards are consistently being achieved throughout the production process.

Our Total Quality Management (TQM) protocol functions on the concept that the quality of products and processes is the responsibility of everyone who is involved in the products or services offered at Cord For Life®.


Our facility is AABB accredited and FDA registered.  We are fully compliant with all regulations for cord blood processing and storage.   Our lab technicians are trained and certified for cord blood processing.


June 5, 2020

If you’re considering storing stem cells from your newborn’s cord blood, you only have one opportunity to do so – immediately after your child is born. You may be asking how to choose the right cord blood bank to entrust your valuable stem cells to for the next 20 years.  But it can be confusing, […]

April 21, 2020

Umbilical cord blood has been shown to have many health benefits to your newborn, your family, and to future patients in need of a stem cell transplant. Therefore it’s important to understand your options for taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime decision of what to do with your newborn’s cord blood. As you begin think about […]

April 6, 2020

Traditionally used to treat blood disorders and help restore the immune system following chemotherapy or radiation, stem cells from umbilical cord blood are now being explored for advanced cell therapy.  According to Parent’s Guide To Cord Blood Foundation, there are now at least 60 clinical trials exploring the potential for hematopoietic stems cells (HSCs) from umbilical cord blood to treat neurological conditions, infections, wounds, diabetes, […]

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