Cord Blood Processing Services

Proven processing services, technology, and the assistance our clients need to grow their cord blood banking business.


Cord For Life® offers extensive experience, a proven processing model, superior  technology, and all the assistance our clients need to grow their cord blood banking business.

Our facility is often utilized as the banking facility used by other cord blood banking brands. Virtual banks allow for national collaboration and flexibility needed for some clients.

We are experienced, technical experts who have developed a leading processing solution that is scientifically proven to deliver optimal stem cell recovery results.  Cord For Life® processing techniques go above and beyond industry requirements. We do more screening/testing than our competitors.


Our proprietary cord blood processing results in higher quality and quantity of stem cells to help those who may need a stem cell transplant. Our technology is available for license to clients as part of our full-service cord blood banking capabilities.

Most cord blood banks are migrating toward automated processing for faster processing. Cord For Life® is the only cord blood bank provider that uses a non-automated processing technique that saves the most stem cells, reduces red cell contamination and increases cell viability.


Our PREMIERMAX® process is a powerful combination of PrepaCyteCB®, CryoStor®-CS10, and QC sampling.  Our medical technicians utilize a non-automated processing method to physically separate stem cells from cord blood collections.

  • PrepaCyteCB® removes 98.5% of red blood cells, enabling a lower dose of free hemoglobin to recipients. Independent scientific testing proves that PrepaCyteCB® offers optimum stem cell recovery after thawing.
  • PrepaCyteCB® is mixed with the cord blood  to allow the stem cells to be separated easier, resulting in a higher amount of stem cells.
  • CryoStor®CS10 is a preservative that keeps cells from being damaged. It has less toxicity than other products currently being used by other cord blood banks.


Our facility is utilized as the banking facility used by other cord blood banking brands. Virtual banks allow for national collaboration and flexibility needed for some clients.

We have 7 state of the art cryopreservation storage tanks, which are capable of maintaining 40,000 umbilical cord blood stem cell units. Using liquid nitrogen vapors, these tanks are continuously monitored both manually and electronically to ensure the temperature is maintained at or below -150°C., at all times.

We can process 24 cord blood units along with cord tissue units, simultaneously per shift (3 shifts may be operated per day).

We expanded our lab in 2011 to provide 450 sq. ft. of designated ISO-7 (Class 10,000) laboratory space. In addition, it provides 120 sq. ft. ISO-6 (Class 1,000) research space allowing expansion of our alternative stem cell source process development programs.

Additionally, our Cord Tissue/BioCeutical division has 500 sq. ft. of lab space being currently renovated and satellite lab space of 120 sq. ft.



August 27, 2020

The results of a Phase I study published in Stem Cell Translational Medicine suggest that it is safe and feasible to infuse stem cells from banked umbilical cord blood into adults following an acute ischemic stroke. This research paves the way for additional studies into the efficacy of umbilical cord blood in treating stroke patients. […]

August 6, 2020

The human umbilical cord is being increasingly recognized by the medical community for its potential in regenerative medicine and cellular therapies. Once discarded as medical waste, the umbilical cord contains valuable stem cells that are now at the forefront of medical research.  Cord blood derived Hematopoietic  Stem Cells (HSCS) are currently approved by the FDA and being used to treat over 80 diseases and cord tissue derived therapies have been approved in the […]

June 5, 2020

If you’re considering storing stem cells from your newborn’s cord blood, you only have one opportunity to do so – immediately after your child is born. You may be asking how to choose the right cord blood bank to entrust your valuable stem cells to for the next 20 years.  But it can be confusing, […]

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