Choosing a cord blood bank doesn’t have to be complicated, as long as you know the most important questions to ask.

Ultimately, the choice boils down to having the most stem cells safely stored in the cord blood bank should you ever need them.  This means choosing a cord blood bank that uses the best processing method to get the most stem cells of the highest quality out of your cord blood collection.  It also means finding a cord blood bank you trust will be there for 20 years.

A Few Cord Blood Basics

There are two things that determine the amount of stem cells –the volume of blood collected and the number of stem cells extracted.  You have no control over the amount of blood collected – which means that the number of stem cells from your cord blood collection depends on the processing method.

Why take chances, when you won’t know how much cord blood in your collection until baby is born?  At that point, it’s too late to change banks.  Look for the best processing method to get the best results!

Also look for a cord blood bank that stands behind it’s product with a Quality Guarantee.

Comparing Cord Blood Companies

In the cord blood market there are marketing companies and there are full service cord blood banks.  The marketing companies act as middlemen, outsourcing the most important part of cord blood banking – the processing and storage.  When you need your cord blood, would you rather work through a middleman or work directly with a cord blood bank?

There are also companies that have solid experience with the entire process – from collection and processing through storage and release.  A good way to assess experience and scale is their years in business, the number of units stored, and the number of units released.

How to Choose a Cord Blood Bank

We’ve put together our list of the 10 questions to ask every cord blood bank, along with an explanation on why each is important.  We hope you will find this guide helpful in making this important decision.

The Cell Therapy Research institute and the NewCastle Centers for Cord Blood published a study concluding the reagent used in our PREMIERMAX® method is superior to hetastarch, a first generation cord blood processing technology. 2. Subject to the conditions detailed in our Terms and Conditions. 3. Based on our prepaid storage option, including collection, processing and 20 years of storage


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