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As more expectant parents selflessly donate their cord blood to help others, medical professionals have the unique opportunity to educate and assist patients with the process. Cord blood collections are potentially lifesaving and require little additional time in the delivery room.

At Cord For Life®, we partner with hospitals and medical professionals to ensure they have all the resources and tools needed – cord blood training and educational material, as well as our accreditation and license information.

Cord blood collectors play a critical role in determining the transplant potential of each unit. The quantity of stem cells contained in cord blood is unpredictable and current protocols rely on the total volume collected as the first key to obtaining a transfusable stem cell unit.

1.  Volume

Your patient and baby’s safety is always the top priority and should never be comprised for the cord blood collection. When your patient’s safety is assured, every effort is then made to collect the largest volume of cord cells possible. Every drop is another drop towards the success of the collection and another potential life saved.

2.  Product Labelling

The second key to a successful cord blood collection is product labeling. As with all regulated healthcare disciplines, failure to properly identify the product and/or maternal sample tubes will result in an unusable cord blood unit.

Properly completed labeling prevents the loss of the unit and the related potential to save a life. Detailed protocols and training will ensure that all the information is identical to the information on the patient’s hospital identification band.

On behalf of the Cord For Life® team and the patients in need of a transplant, we wish to thank you for your time and support of this vital program.

Sara H. Irrgang, MD

Medical Director
Cord For Life®

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Our purpose is to provide the expectant mothers with information necessary to discover the lifesaving potential of umbilical cord blood.

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